Teaching resources for 5-7 year olds

Arkive’s teaching resources for 5-7 year olds cover key science topics such as nocturnal animals, penguins and adaptation. Our FREE teaching resources are packed full of the world’s best wildlife photos and videos, bringing lessons to life whatever the subject.


Brazil Habitats and Mask Making

Students will learn about the different habitats of Brazil and some of the species that live there before making their own animal masks.

Arkive School Museum

After learning about endangered species and conservation, students design and create a museum exhibit sharing their knowledge with friends and family at an Arkive School Museum.

Nocturnal Animals

Explore the array of senses used by nocturnal animals to find their way around their habitat in the dark.

Penguin Diversity – Mask Making

Through this fun and creative activity, students learn about the different types of penguin species and how they are adapted to live in different environments.

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